Social Work


The Capuchin Friars Minor Multipurpose Social Service Society

Udhayam, the Capuchin Friars Minor Multipurpose Social Service Society (CFMMSS) which is a Non-Profit Social Service Society was founded by the Capuchin Friars of Amala Annai Province in the year of the Lord l996(Registration No.2iO 1988).

From its birth, the organization has involved in various kinds of projects in the fields of education, health awareness, social integration and capacity building, through fostering the creation of Udhayam and its services, we aim to build momentum in reaching out to the needy. . A three member executive committee includes with Fr. A.J. Mathew, Provincial Minister; Fr. A. Anthony Sumy, the Provincial Procurator; and Fr. Francis Xavier OFM Cap, Project Manager and the Director of CFMMSSS Udhayam of the Province.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To create new horizons and avenues to the marginalized and the underprivileged of our society the poor, dalits, women, refugees, children, orphans, the persons with disabilities etc., so as to enable them to live as human beings with dignity.

The greatness of Udhayam (CFMMSSS) is constantly enhanced by its various activities. The innovative activities and various projects envisioned by the Provincial Social-Work Team have been actualized by Udhayum ever since its foundation.

Most of its activities are geared to making people conscious of their inherent power to transform their plight by empowering the poor with job oriented and entrepreneurial skills like tailoring, computer knowledge, driving and the like to earn their bread. Besides its regular activities, it rose up to the urgency of Tsunami that hit, on 26′ December 2004, the shores of Tamil Nadu and enlisted the service of many religious congregations and organizations to come to the rescue, rehabilitation and reconstruction of those who were affected by the natural catastrophe. Children Parliament, Self-Help Groups for women empowerment, Free Soft Skill Training and Communication skills to the poor and the needy, Eco-Friendly Plates making programme to the inmates at Central Prison, Trichy and Right to Food are all the new ventures of Udhayam – CFMMSSS. This is the list of the projects we undertake for the less privileged and the marginalized sections of the Society by the CFMMSSS.


2. CLARES Trust