Province Profile

Statistics of the Province

Amala Annai Capuchin Province (as on Nov 30, 2018) is a family of 168 members in all. It has 113 Solemnly Professed Friars and 32 Simple Professed Friars. In addition there are 8 brothers at the Novitiate both in India and Burkina Faso, 7 in Postulancy and 6 in Aspirancy. Of the Solemnly Professed Friars 91 are Priests, 5 are non-clerics, while the rest are students. 62 of the Friars are in the Province while 5 are in Burkina Faso and 29 serve outside the Province.Among the students, two of them are in USA during the theology, while two others are in France for their Regency. There is a Solemnly Professed Student and four simple Professed Students, and two novices in Burkina Faso, our Mission Station.